Black is not a colour…

The series was taken in 2015 in Poland and contains a huge dose of documental aspect. The people on the photographs posed wearing their own outfits, the same they would wear to the Castle Party in Bolków, to the Vampiriada or any other event.
On weekdays they often have professions that require university education and high level of skill. Their interests run from 19th century Goth literature (Keats, Poe, Baudelaire) to mysticism, magic, and occultism, vampirism, demonology and parapsychology.
The picture of Goths that emerges from this series is that of remarkably creative people. This can be seen, in their own designs and outfits made with their own hands (some ladies spent several months to create the attire of their dreams, they have whole collections of dresses and corsets), but also in high activity in other areas of creation and art interests. This movement has developed a very characteristic, albeit diverse image. Goth clothes include both highly sophisticated, retro-style creations inspired by 19th century aristocracy, and futuristic style. Some have Goth aliases.
For me, this fascination with exceptional outfit can be associated with the search for romanticism and non-realism, but also with very expensive clothes seen on catwalks and in fashion magazines. It is also very interesting how alternative styles and high fashion merge with each other, inspire one another and contribute to a game of sorts between the clothes worn by the representatives of alternative cultures and the creations by the world’s most expensive fashion designers (e.g.: John Galliano). At the same time, in fashion world, black means elegance and luxury, while in Christian rites, it stands for sin and death. This symbolic nature changes the way we perceive the same outfit, depending on where we place it.

Father. Olszewnica Stara, 2017

He was raised in post-war Warsaw. He was extremely intelligent and well-read; as a child, out of curiosity, he read a multi-volume encyclopedia. Extremely technically talented and ambitious, he could do everything. He loved technical novelties, classical music and history. Verbal and honorable to pain. He taught me everything: cycling, swimming, card games, independence and perseverance. He had a unique, very complex handwriting. Together with my mother, he sent me to one of the best high schools in the country, which he graduated from: VIII LO Władysława IV – a school with traditions and ambitions. I was angry because at the age of 14 I had a different idea for myself. Of course it turned out he was right. He always gave. Kind and funny, helping many peoples. He left us two years ago.

Pictures are just an attempt at a large project. Despite their imperfections, they turned out to be the most personal of all that I showed on this page.

Santa Evita. Warsaw, 2013

Silver prints

Nude. Warsaw, 2014